DST International

Drill Stem Testing International Limited makes its debut on the global stage.

Born from a vision of Regis Holdings Limited and DST Australia Pty Ltd, Drill Stem Testing International Limited was established in 2015 to provide rapid, low risk, cost effective well testing services to the international community. 

Services offered include:


To ensure quality and ease of service, Drill Stem Testing International Limited have designed and purpose built mobile remote service tool packages that not only act as a workshop and office for personnel but are also our primary mode of tool transport. Each remote service tool package includes testing equipment (downhole tools, surface and lifting equipment), overhead gantry, air compressor and haskel (for servicing & pressure testing) and office.

These remote service tool packages are compact, compliant, easily manouvered and shipped and designed to withstand conditions in the remotest part of the world. 

Drill Stem Testing International Limited works under the ISO certified management systems adopted by our sister Company DST Australia Pty Ltd. We can meet any Client compliance requirements including:


For enquiries in relation to Drill Stem Testing International Limited please contact Glenn Babyak on +617 4613 6655 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it